Update - Blackberry And Neil Gaiman, A Calendar Of Tales Pt 2

In the ongoing Calendar of Tales creative content generating partnership between Blackberry and Neil Gaiman continues, and this is where it really starts to be a shame this stuff has nowhere to live. Neil finished twelve short short stories based on responses to his twitter queries and they are available to read via a PDF linked on the BB10 Keep Moving site. Blackberry invites readers to enjoy the stories and create some sort of visual work based on one story or another to create an actual 12 month calendar based on the content. 

This is cool, but this is also where the lack of a singular creation hub really starts to create some friction to how interesting this could be. Twitter is alright, but it definitely works better for rapid two-way communication. Imagining something similar to this with Kinja as a hub for both communication and creation is extremely exciting, because everything could organically grow from a single, content centric space on the web (as opposed to a commercially centered space, like the blackberry website)


With that obstacle, I'm curious to see how long it takes Blackberry + Gaiman to collect enough quality artwork to actually complete this ambtious calendar idea. 

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