Some more photos from Glenwood power station in Yonkers, NY

This is in reference to this io9 post – This is the creepy rose room. I was not kidding. Some more below, just to sort of show that it was the same place. These were taken by my friend when we were 14 years old, fucking around trying to kill ourselves, apparently.


This was upstairs, if you look out these windows I believe you can see out into the marina/park that this building lies on. It was humid that day.

Sorry for the shitty iphone photo of a photo action here, but this is a photo of the same interior posted in the original post.


One more. The entire building has a lot of metal staircases and bridges that nobody in their right mind should use. To avoid using this particular bridge we went all the way into the basement of this building and then back up again to get to the front/north section of the building, because that shit would buckle under a pigeon.

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