Blackberry Taps Neil Gaiman to Try to Actually Make Some Art With People

So we've all heard about Alicia Key's stint as the BB10 creative director tweeting from her iphone. Great lols. Really taking away from the pretty interesting partnership between Blackberry and Neil Gaiman. It's called 'A Calendar of Tales"

From Gaiman's blog on the project:

The idea is: I'm going to make a Calendar of Tales. (Yes, I remain as obsessed with the months of the year as I have always been.) I would go to Twitter for story prompts. Then, over a handful of days, I'll write a story, one for each month. Once there are 12 stories we'll go back out to the world to get other people make art of various kinds using the stories as inspiration. One giant artistic ball of wax. Or ping pong game. Or cuddlepuddle. Or pick your own metaphor.


How did they get together?

...they said yes to my idea of using online communities to try and make something cool and special that brought a lot of people together, and I said yes to working with their patronage on the project.


If you're a fan of Neil Gaiman, you know he's probably one of the better modern storytellers. I highly recommend any of his short story collections, they're fantastic. 



So Gaiman then spent an entire day hitting up his very active twitter fanbase for inspirations for these stories. Below is a summary of those interactions - taking place over the course of 12 hours. It was a bit intense as an actual follower, there were a LOT of retweets, but the prompts were as intersting as the responses, of which there were many:


[View the story "Neil Gaiman's Calendar of Tales on Twitter" on Storify]


The end is intended to result in perhaps an actual calendar, as well as a web space featuring the stories that Gaiman will produce from the inspriation material, and artwork sourced from fans. Its ongoing, and Gaiman recently tweeted that he's getting down to business actually drafting these stories out.

How does this relate to us?  I think this is something that could be even more organic on the Kinja platform, as its both a social community space as well as a creation space. I think this project is an interesting glimpse at what can be accomplished with something as bare as twitter, and given the right tools (read: people), we can accomplish something just as rich using this platform. 

Because I'm clearly a gigantic fangirl, I'll post and update once the stories are complete and published. 


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